Watering Seeds

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Living Abroad

Have you lost your color and hope?

Is your inner pain a secret to be kept in the shadows?


Has the garden of your soul wept and dried up beyond repair?


Could it flourish again with a wee bit of attention?


Does nature have the potential to restore ‘joy’ in thy soul?


A simple choice to reveal your pain, brought others to help you laugh again.


Listen for the knocking on the door …


A still small voice whispers “Follow Me”  just choose to trust and say “Yes!”


“Come and pull the weeds, your soul has needs,

Secret-garden (1)

Enroll others to cut back the dreadful whining,

water the soul seed of truth –  “you are loved!”


Mistress Mary, once quite contrary….NOW, how does your garden grow?

Copyright © 2017 by Barbara Alley Hoyle.  All rights reserved.

Inspired by ….

The Secret Garden is an old timey story originally entitled “Mistress Mary” and…

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