A traveller`s tale

Please read and enjoy the work of a talented writer.

Victoria Udnæs

A traveller wandered far and wide,
searching after shells of gold on the sea side,
when, came a big and glowing tide,
see: it arrived with a mysterious guide.

It arrived in seaweed and kelp of gold,
and glitter actually, although it looked old,
a message in bottle, carefully hand rolled,
a scroll that mysterious secrets told.

The traveller got scared of what he read
so he went to the wisest sorcerer instead
he told mysteries too profound for his head,
secrets like pearls on a magic type of thread.

“First, you have to go to the mountains of wise
in a most precise and brilliant disguise
and when you hear the seven melodic cries
look for the green and feminine eyes.

Then, when you`ve found out the secrets it hid,
look for the octopus, rather squid
made in arms of bronze, it is holding a grid,
though, be very…

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