A stranger, my lover

Amazing poetry by a talented writer.

Diary of a MYSTIC

In a room full of light, shadow has no space to play a part.

Walls seem falling out of their frames, inside seems widen an outside disappearing in landscape of time.

the last two weeks inside the walls, not knowing the source of these blanks feeling inside my heart.

Aching, breaking, flowing and falling into silence,again deeper than ocean, longer than night.

All suddenly becomes so close,how could be more intimate with God?

When all names and faces are gone, the smile on my face is ripen in waiting rooms of endurance. This endless hunger to be met, breaks all walls. Haven’t I longed enough for eternal? Haven’t I wrote enough love letters to his silent stone.

Mountains moved from their gravity while the lake in my eyes dried in tears of wanting.

Come back to me, I cried.

I am a poet of hour tonight, Let…

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