Saree And Tea

Please read the beautiful story in the amazing poem by a talented writer.


Painting by Maleesha

I packed my clothes
One pair each day
Along with great expectation
And a handful of bliss and joy

I stepped on your soil
With my luggage full of hope
Committed to serve
Overcoming the nerve

A pack of beautiful soul I met
In every corner, in every set
As lots of joy I give
Overwhelming grace I receive

A platform has been offered
Beyond my limits I was pushed
Prayed like never before
Sing on top of my voice

In a very short span of time
You became my family
Proving that no race nor language
Can be a barrier in this age

You filled my love tank
Halfway across from home
You showed me the beauty
Of a friendship that overflows

I packed my clothes
Along with a Saree and Tea
Back to my work country
But I left a piece of me.

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