Dear Liz

Dear Liz

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


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Dear Liz

Forget me not my beautiful lady.  You are too kind to an old soldier. Please dear Liz. I know somethings are too beautiful to know and to hold. If you came near. I would want forever. Forever is just wish and fairy tale dear Liz.

I have known the dark places. My heart, mind and hands are dirty with sin and I cannot be saved. Pretty Lizzie asked. What do you need dear Johnnie? He smiled and he whispered. Just a song pretty lady.

She smiled and she laughed. She sang for the drunken soldier.

In the valley where the wind is free.
The spirit song of free people is sang.
Broken men can come and their deeds be forgiven and they heart and mind can be healed.
Love is life and life is love.
Broken heart and blinded eyes.
Please come to the valley where the river flow freely.
Wash your face in the clean water and dance barefoot on the soft glass.
War must be forgotten and all of us are dirty with sin.
Please dear love. Let’s us sing and dance till we can fall in love.

The old soldiers smiled and he asked. Where is this place? Where is the cleansing river dear Liz? Dear Liz. I will break your heart and leave you with sorrow and regret only.

Liz come to the soldiers and she whispered. It is too late Johnnie. My heart been broken many times.  Life, war and regret is a part of the all of us. If we drink from an empty bottles of hope. We will die alone and barren. Everyone bleeds, everyone cries and everyone need embrace in the cold of the Winter nights. We need to drink from overflowing bottle of sweet wine and allow the past to lay dead and be bury. Even a glimpse of love is enough for us who had learned sin, gin and the whiskey. Few angels in the dark taverns my love.

The soldier pushed away the whiskey bottle and she came to him. She sat on his lap and he put his face into her soft breasts and he whispered. We play the lover and we can play the fool. Please say you love me to my face and please tell me you need me. Maybe we can find a merciful place?

Lizzie smiled and caressed the hair of the wandering soldier and she whispered.  If it be your will Johnnie. I will say these words. I need and love you. Please say nothing and allow our broken hearts to heal.

Johnnie and Lizzie danced in the closed tavern.  A thousand angels prayed for them. The Angels prayed.

Heal the soldier heart.
Heal the soldier regret.
Please allow the anger and memory of war to be accepted .
Please  allow the gift of love to heal the pain of life.
Please send hope and laughter to the men taught war before knowing the sweetness of love.

John Castellenas/Coyote