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the little spark

There is a poet here whose words I could fall in love with

He made me wonder at his detail and intricacy

A master weaver of words

What is he like? Who was he writing to, I wondered

His poetry inspires

Does he listen to records and make art? Does he like Yeats and Keats and Rimbaud and Rumi? Does he like the rush and genius of Bukowski when he speaks of the strongest of the strange?

With words, I embroider and make image

Of my wounded soul of my tearing heart

I am bloodied by experience. Knees scraped star crossed abandoned abandoning love lost seeking for a dream. For a master weaver one who could mend wounds with slender fingers and choice words. With phantom eyes and soothing voice singing a song thru word to heart – a rhythm sublime poetry divine.

But I am a dreamer a weaver…

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