Laugh, dance and know love

My dear Grandfather told us often. Don’t come into my house with anger. My house is the home of love.  Leave your problems outside the door and please sit with me and talk.


Please allow the kids to be child as long as they can. Teach the children to be fearless, to respect all people and allow them to be free of our life burdens. Remember parent and grandparent have great responsibility. They are the teacher of the future and wealth of a nation. The children.

Thank you for the flowing river. Thank you for the warm days of Spring.  Please heal my friends and family who are sick dear Lord. Please send wisdom to our leader. Please Lord, help the people in need. Please teach the leaders. Time to lay the gun down. Send water, food and medicine to places in need. Please Lord, teach our leaders to lead with concern, kindness and love. Old wise words written. A eye for a eye world. Will leave all of us all blind.

John Castellenas/Coyote