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Conceited Crusade


Our love is a tale as old as time,

doomed by the gods, yet redeemed by chance –

arrows dropped on the foot, ache more than the heart,

for each step will sting, it’s a long climb

down. To the castle we go,

cloaked in darkness,

we hide.

Metamorphoses – magic,

it’s real and it asks,

“Will you change? Or rather, can we just stay the same?”

It’s the light that transcends, reveals, unmasks,

we’ll side with the moon, hang our secrets on stars,

let’s freeze out the sun, keep all curtains drawn,

for the servants sing songs, bake cakes, do tricks.

Light a candle, but still,

hold it far from your face,

for this love is pure,

and you are


untethered by time,

we’ll forget all the rules,

forget all the pain,

write it down,

spells can last,



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Tricia Sankey

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