The wisp of the night

Wisp of the night

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Used a paragraph by a Poet name Arsh. I hope you like.


Wisp of the night

What have we become? We have become stranger in the coldness of the lonely nights.
Holding on to what resembled love.

“but the wisp of night
I saw through love,
addressed the buoyancy of my heart
is faithless
& unrecognized the worth of it —” Arsh

I know the color of love can change.
We were once a volcano of love. Needed kiss and touch in the day and the night.
Now we allowed words and bad actions to steal us away from the safeness of our paradise we create and lost.

You told me once, us human beings will stop for a second. Just rest stops on the way of life. Just using time and one day we will escape.

Just like a wisp of the night. Sweet whispers of love tattoos on the heart and soul leaving us wishing for days we cannot find again.

One day we will not recognize the love shared. Our once captive love will become a prison. Love teaches us to weep, serene songs of joy and dance to the sweet words of love.

And can teach us like a wisp in the night. Love can be just shadows of people trying to find something that cannot be.

Coyote/John Castellenas