Marching for Sorrow – A Poem for Humanity

Please read and enjoy the work of a talented writer.

Marching for Sorrow

By Talin Mari

Through the depths of desperation, I walk with hope.

Through the hills, lifelessly abandoned, I nod my head.

What is to become of the life that I once loved so dear?

What is to happen to all those that lived without fear?

I walk with my head hung low.

I walk as my legs endlessly ache.

I walk because I have no choice.

Hope begins to fade as I hear the echoes of my steps.

Hope becomes my enemy as I see many fall behind me.

When will I wake from this day that I feel will be my last?

When will I next hear the precious laugh of my daughter?

My heart aches from the emptiness.

My heart aches from the lives lost.

My heart aches because of my pain.

Secretly, I remember how I had hidden my precious love.

Secretly, I remember…

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