Please read the powerful words of a talented writer.


“Help! Brother help! ”

But you look at them and glare.

“Give me ten cents. ”

But you continue as though deaf.

Parking boy sees a full bin across and runs for it

You slam the brakes and call him


“Move off the road you child of an inferior God! ”
Me? Child of an inferior God?

You call yourselves children of an inferior god

Yet you rob us of peace…

You rob us of life…

You confine us to homes and slums

Because you don’t want to see us-

Children of an inferior god!

You call them parking boys…

You call them gangsters and robbers…

You call them unfortunate dity creatures!

Their only shelter the streets, where you glare at them

Wondering why they exist .

Children of an inferior god!

You don’t want us that live in lesser state

We, uncivilized loathsome creatures _

A disgrace to…

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