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Ellie belfiglio


… So I lied…

I said I was happy, prosperous.

I said my melancholy was long gone.

… So I lied…

I feel a mad affliction in this cruel world-

Which causes me dis-consolation.

I feel a forceful blow in my soul-

Which cause me languish.

… So I lied…

Maybe I felt bliss when I said it!

Maybe I felt rapture when I groaned it!

Maybe I wasn’t sorry when I sensed it!

… So I lied…

I don’t know what I feel.

When I feel happy, I am truly sad.

When I am sad, I am truly desperate.

Am I complex?

I even don’t know it myself.

… So I lied…

I torture myself for the lies;

Don’t you torture me now!

I am with many excruciating sorrows.

Don’t you criticize me.

I criticized myself all the time.


… So I lied…

I lied because I wanted…

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