When beauty leaves a heart fluttering

Please read the work of a talented writer.



In the world of far fetched thoughts
You are an algorithm of togetherness
Of Pain and joy
or Richness and Poverty

You are like a Mandarin expression
With random inflections in you
Flowing tenderly into
tributaries that lead into my heart

You are the gentle warmth of the sun
that slowly settles down into
dimness of mist manufacturing
As the evening breeze brushes our souls.

You are like a deftly sculpted memory,
An ideal refuge
between Heaven and Earth
An image of remembering
How calmly have you made occults sigh

You are a symphony of nature
The perennial joy, woven into time
Your delicacy that is as old as the anatomy of oceans.
Flying through the grand plains and high mountains
Your wings have left the birds envying.

But, I have been guilty of overlooking
your hands, your heart,
Your voice which has been the music of my blooming

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