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Solitude In Silence

Sometimes if you leave
A flower seed

On the naked ground

It will still, with its fragile


Just blossom anywhere.

Every where.

Providing beauty to a place

Or a soul-

Even at times,

Without knowing it’s own.

And you left me to blossom

But who left me

To blossom really?

I provided for the

Whole of you-

Yet you were

Seldom by my side.

Did I leave myself

To blossom really-

Then really?


Because by the time you

Stripped off my petals

And by the time I saw

The truth,

Sadly, for myself,

I had no beauty.

And really then

I wonder, in rush,

Why flowers

Blossom at all?

And why then

Is there even

Time and place

For that


Beauty at all?

~Maryum Khalid~

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