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It’s my eyes, liquid pools of moonlight.

It’s my lips, dew kissed and soft.

It’s my smile, warming you with sun ray.

It’s my tongue, honey sweet and enticing.

It;s my voice, mesmerizing music on-

Your ear waves…

It’s y breast, mound of quivering ecstasy.

It’s my hip, girting in slow tantalizing tempo.

It’s my arms and legs entwined like creeping vines.

It’s all of me, sensuality immoralized.

Passion emblazoned…

Charisma crystallized…

Alluring grave


That’s why you’ll return.

That’s why you can’t leave.

Run, flee, I will not hold you.

I’ll be there waiting round the corner.

Like tomorrow

You must come!! …

Jose RoyoThe Unpredictable

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