Morning Blues……..

Please read and enjoy the work of a amazing poet.

Boundless Blessings by Kamal

Pinturas-DIY-diamante-coreano-flor-resina-ponto-cruz-Needlework-decoração-Rhinestone-mosaico-diamante-bordado-paisagem[1].jpgI am a kind of a gypsy

I have no fear nor woes

A thrust of joy drives me crazy

Mornings are fresh and moving

With a guitar hung at my side

I merrily set out for the day

On my bicycle made for the roads

Soft raindrops keep falling timidly

I cross bridges with glee and ease

Whistling wind that ruffles my hair

Trees are nodding their heads at me

Tulips and jasmines are in tune

Waterfalls cascading in a flowing gown

The Hills are beckoning and calling

Little wizards out sipping their concoctions

And birds humming a jingle or two

Flapping their wings of fantasy

Life for me is awfully simple

Singing along on this fun filled blues…………..


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