New chapter-Dark days of Texas

Dark days of Texas- Day one, Sunday morning

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


A new chapter


Dark days of Texas-Day one- Sunday morning

Old man John awoke early. He had a lot to do before Sunday. It was early Saturday and the 7 a.m heat was 105 already. He left Wolf woman Sherry in her soft bed. He whispered to her. Please stay inside and rest. We will have a 7 p.m meeting tonight and you need to rest while you can. She rose-up and she kissed him. She whispered. You need to rest today. Western Texas isn’t going to be kind to us.

He sat in the saloon alone. He spread the Texas map on the table. He ordered some black coffee and chew on some bacon and eggs pondering the western Texas range. After Austin was open territory and the Mexican border.   Last real town was Fort Griffin. He knew Eric liked this area. A large area free of men and the desert kept  her secrets. He knew Eric’s father taught him the watering holes and the safe places. Eric wasn’t disliked in the free western Texas. The Apaches who were left, respected him and the Mexicans small villages held silence. The Mexicans held great dislike for the Texas Rangers. They did little good for them. He knew Eric would be on the Mexican border. Easy access to water, food and whiskey. Loca Amber told him last night. Eric is 80 miles from Fort Concho. He is near the Colorado river waiting for you. I would recommend you leave Texas alive and go home. Dirty Deed Eric don’t give anyone second chances.

Old man John knew. Amber was two-faced and cold. Her husband big dog Luke was a outlaw. He and Wild Buck Jalan put him down her husband five years ago. He knew Amber would cut his throat if she could. She was a full-busted lady with bright red hair and  she had the bluest eyes he ever seen. He knew she was setting them-up. He knew Eric had the advantage. He knew the land and he was protected by the natives. Old man John heard. Eric healed people liked his father did. He was safe and sound in the western desert. He knew Eric trusted few people. He had Dominic the butcher, Moon shine Eddie and Sweet Cheryl Lee with him. Rare occasion he traveled with many men. Eric was wise. He knew many men would be noticed and he would be traced and found by the Texas Rangers looking for him. He caressed the map. He knew finding Eric and his people was like looking for a flea in a haystack. He knew. He had to tempt him out into the open somehow.

Loca Amber gave a note to Old Richard, half Apache and half Mexican. A fearless man who knew Texas. Old Richard was a fearless tracker and she gave him gold pieces, 10 bottles of whiskey and a note for Eric. The note read.

Dear Eric
Handsome John, Wild Buck Jalan and Berserker Kurt are coming your way. I ask one favor my dear friend. Make them suffer and die slowly. Do this for my dead husband and me. They are leaving on Sunday for Fort Griffin. I told them. You are near the Colorado River. Be ready.  Love Amber

Old Richard took the note and he kissed Amber hand. He told her. Your wish is my command.  Remember I want the second part of the payment when I return. She smiled and she kissed his lips and she whispered.  You know I would do anything for their bodies to rot in the Texas sun. Dear Richard. Payment will be pay when deed is done.

Amber went to her room. She held the photo of her husband Luke. Luke was called Big Dog Luke because of his size and he always had large dogs with him. Year ago. Amber and her family left the east coast and they were heading to free land in California. Crossing Oklahoma, they were attacked by the desert Indians. They killed her parent and they had held her as a prisoner. She heard fighting and screaming. She was scared and she started to pray. She looked-up and she saw Luke. Luke smiled at her and he told her. Praying don’t help out here honey. Only things worth a nickel is your knife and gun. Are you alright honey? Amber rose-up and she hugged him. He was with four bounty hunters looking for wanted men. The four bounty hunters told Luke. Let’s rape her and leave her in the desert. Luke told them. You touch her. I will kill you and I will feed you to my dogs. Late one night. Luke heard screaming. The four bounty hunters had stripped Amber to bare skin and they had her legs spread wide. Two of them had their pant to the ground ready to rape her. Luke shot the standing men instantly and he aimed his rifle at the men holding down Amber. They released her and they begged for their lives. Amber told him. Kill them now. If you don’t. Their word against your words. Luke told the men. Get your damn horses and leave now. Leave you rifle and guns here. A month later. Luke was a wanted man for killing the two bounty hunters. Amber smiled and she remembered. Luke taught her how to shoot the long rifle. Took two-day. She was nervous and he wouldn’t give-up. She remembered shooting the pistols for hours till she could put a can down at 50 feet. He taught her the short and the long blade. She remembered laughing at Luke. He showed her the knife dance. Using feet, body and knife as one. She loved him so. No-one mess with Amber. Loca Amber had her snakes and she did the deadly knife dance. She was a dangerous lady.

Old man John watched Amber walk away. Today he would get Kurt and Jalan to get the wagon ready. Tammy and Shirley to order and pack the food and water.  He would send Wolf Woman Sherry to get some medicine and the best opium/whiskey. He knew even in the desert. The horse and man need to eat and rest. He touched Fort Griffin on the map. He whispered to himself. Last rest area and maybe a three days trip in the heat. He felt very old today. He looked at the 9 a.m sun and he wished for the Michigan Winter. He needed the cold today.

John Castellenas/Coyote