The pond

Please read and enjoy the work of a talented writer.


Today’s prompt descend induced in me a nostalgic perfume of a long lost time. 


I remembered the day when I went for a walk by the pond
There were flowers of every colours and of every scent
They were dancing with the Eastern breezy air
The water was still, with fairy like insects loving and kissing
An atmosphere of an intense tranquillity held the day
I felt light as a feather; walking bare feet on the greeny wet grass
It was the time of love seasons of the colourful birds
Their songs echoed inside of my ears and sank within my heart
That’s when I felt the chill of a deep feeling
Something . . . racked my soul
Pierced inside of my lungs
And almost took away my breath
Like a giant carillon dangling
And pounding inside of my head
I closed my eyes to the sound of it

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