Crann Bethadh: A Book of Poetry

Please read and enjoy the work of a talented writer.

Invincible Summer Diaries

Reminder: I am not a poet. But I also have no idea what else to call myself, when things like this pour out at random moments. Enjoy some unedited (I don’t have the patience to edit poetry) thoughts on identity.

i: roots

as a child, the only things
I thought that mattered about me
were the ways I could be

a minor character
in someone else’s story.

I thought I was
a photograph on a billboard
or a painting in a museum.

Manic Pixie Dream Girl
Punk Fuck-up in Black
Studious Religious Girl

I learned frombooks and films
that I was a trope
and a box to be filled

although less filled than others could be.

My blond hair,
shining in the sunlight,
would launch a thousand ships.

My mouth,
pink and small from disuse,
would only open in compliments and reassurances.

My eyes,
dark green and gold like trees,

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