“Little Wildflower”

Little wildflower by bwaworga


Little Wildflower

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Just words and photo.



My raven hair beauty sitting in the valley of wildflowers. Her river blue eyes are swimming in the beauty of warm and perfect Spring days.

I sat at her feet and I told her. I was the fortunate one. I have the weeping willows near and the wildflowers abound. I’m confined in the beauty of nature and your beautiful eyes.

She laughed at my words and brought me near. She whispered. “Write me a poem of bittersweet dance and tasty night falls where we know nuptial bliss and unrestrained kisses”.

My wildflower

You turn me inside out and make me bleed. You show me I’m alive and taught me desperate need. I’m adrift in your smile and dream of your skin against my skin in the valley of the long night. Once reluctant kisses are sweet touches making me need you in the day and in the night. I love you in the clasp of nature and you are a wildflower in the valley of sweet dreams and hope.”

She smiled and she embraced me. She whispered to my yearning ear. “You are my madness and need in this wild world. I’m the fortunate one. You taught me to ascend to perfect and safe place. I love you dear Poet.”

Coyote/John Castellenas


Thank you.

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