“Where the wild roses grow”

Where the wild roses grow

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Two short poems.



Where the wild roses grow

–                                   I have known

I have danced with the sea.
I have stood on the great mountains surrounded by the free clouds.
I have found the devil and I have found God.
I thought I was someone and I learn.
We are just like the dandelions.
Born to live for a moment and find  soliste in the kind wind.
I have known love and I have known hate.
I did learn. Any gift of love is special and wonderful.
We are just here for a second.
Love, dance, sing and celebrate the new day.
We decide our life.

Agony of her

Sweet Jennifer stole my thoughts.
I was the dead-man walking.
Her long legs and her blue eyes made me wish for unknown territory and journey.
She made me wish for the wild sea and the long sweet kiss.
She made me wish for sleepless nights and holding her soft body near till the dawn hour.
She was an auburn hair beauty with blue eyes demanding everything without concern for the payment. I knew the agony of her.
She would steal what she needed from me. Make me feel like a king and leave be bare and alone. I knew the wild roses, so damn beautiful and so hard to hold.
Best be left alone and free.
Me and Jennifer danced by the sea and I told the moon and the stars.
I will accept the payment for my muse, my siren.


John Castellenas/Coyote