The twisted dance of love

The twisted dance of love
(Written in 1988)

I lay beside you in the night of the Germany December.
I felt the heat of tender flesh and I looked into your blue eyes.
They shined like the shining night stars on a clear night.
You told me. You are so good to me, so kind to me.

I told you. I love you and you are my reasons to be alive.
You looked away from me and you whispered. I don’t want love. Too heavy a burden to carry for me and we are too young to lose our thoughts and hope to one place or person.

In the heat of sex, you whispered. I love you Johnnie, but in the dance of kiss and embrace is where hungry and desperate people show appreciation for the wild descend and abandoning places where two people are not afraid to reveal who they truly are.

I forgot to separate love from lust again. Falling into love with no safety net. I know the nectar of love is too sweet, the love burst of emotion take us to fragile place where we undress, un-bare our heart and soul. Sometime the fragment of love isn’t enough.

I watched your eyes. Soft and tender blue eyes and I listen to your words of great dream and journey. I see the need to stay and escape in your words in the same second. I know. Love isn’t fair.

The twisted dance of love need two true people needing and wanting the same things.
Coyote/John Castellenas