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J Britt

I tell myself,
This will also fade away,
Time is the remedy…

Never knowing,
I could feel,
So much loss,
All at once,
I thought I had prepared myself,
Knowing this was coming,

I told myself,
Don’t give in,
Never lose control,


I did,
For once I let go,
In return losing everything…

I never believed,
I could feel this way,
I didn’t believe in love,
The connection of two souls…

It was as if,
We where destin,
To cross paths,
But never really knowing, one another,
Just passing in the distance,
Gliding our souls,
Against one another,
As if they where finger tips,
Sliding across one another’s outline,
Within the desert’s illusions..

Maybe I have made you out,
To be something you are not,
So that I cold feel,
To know what it feels,
Like to know love,
A pain I have never felt,
To know destitution…


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