He Showed Me the Way…

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Cyranny's cove


If only, I knew
the way to his heart
I’d pack my bags thus
taking the necessities
to complete my journey
towards him,

Taking care, caressing his memory,
making sure that his thirst was quenched
with the waters of my love,

The utensils
for the greatest meal, satisfying his hunger
his longing, his need for my touch, my closeness
the satisfaction of our dining together,
the fullness of each others eyes,
the pangs of wanting, tenderness,
feeding his desire

He showed me the way
the pathways to his heart
the side roads, detours, excuses for reaching
the end of the journey,

The way, wanting it to be known
but as yet, shrouded in mystery
the disillusionment of his past loves
the uncertainty of the future
what the present really offered
and by whom

I took it upon myself
to make this journey, alone
with only my thoughts, needs, want

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