Two Loving One

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Words Are Never Hushed

Do not grow weary…
come with wide-eyed innocence
as a child…comforted and held dear.
Loose the chains and ties
binding your heart, dare to
embrace even the
jagged edges of
beauty… for
seeds sown from
love and trust will
always bloom.
Be still within the noise
and misfit moments,
archive your memories,
shed the past to inhale the
shine; for all things change
where love presides.
Love says, lover and
Beloved are
and One.
the words of the Beloved;
“but when the perfect comes,
the partial will be done away”
1 Corinthians 13:10
When you speak of love
or seek its favor… do you do so for
its light or its absolute surrender?
Let your joy and praise
give rise; become
the living.
your heart with the right hand
of giving, placed atop the left
hand of receiving; it is
the key that unlocks

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