A scar of war.

Please read and enjoy the work of a talented writer.


Lost in the world of the hate, a lone lady tried to survive.

Every day he’d toil so hard, with a fear of being shot at alive anytime.

Running around, doing his chores, he never bothered about anyone,

Except for her sick and bed-ridden love, trying to recover.

He may have been the best of his regime, but he lost his future forever,

That’s what the world thought of that war veteran.

Fighting in his fifth battle, colder became his aggression;

Becoming more wise, he started to become more human.

A novice, a friend, entered his the field with passion,

Without realising he was entering into a trap,

He would have lost his life if it weren’t for his old chap.

Our man almost lost his life trying to protect a life of his comrade.

His friend, tried everything to make his life better,

But alas, the path of violence…

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