The Poet’s love-part two

The Poet’s love-part two

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


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    The Poet’s love- Trujillo, Spring 1986

Lawrence enjoyed the night life. He was a skilled Doctor with many opportunities. He decided Teja and Trujillo would be his places of healing. Less money for him to be made but the appreciation of the people in the two cities made him content and okay with his life. He left the coastline once to go to the University for 12 years.  He came back to her and he never left the coastline again. He was well-liked and he never marry.  He had a pretty companion once. She was a long-haired and dark-eyed beauty. She got the cancer in 1982. After her death. He decided. Old heart couldn’t accept another heartbreak. He found joy and peace near the young people who danced and sang till dawn. He found Johnnie in 1986 and they became great friends. They were inseparable till Paloma showed up.

Leo was a famous Mexican painter. He loved Mexico but he hated the government. He kept his mouth shut and allowed his hands to create masterpieces. He loved Mexico city. He would paint the ancient buildings and scenery.  One night at the Tavern. He met Paloma. Paloma was a fiery lady trying to create change. She was a Poet trying to show the world how the Mexican government and gangs abused the people, mainly the young women. She was safe for a second because she was a Spain citizen visiting and some what famous. Leo told her. Old wise words by Dryden. Don’t be a martyr. A dead poet can’t write no-more. She laughed at him and she told him. A silence voice accept the bad shit and they will become part of it. He fell in love with her the first moment he had met her. He watched her dance and she shared poetry with him.

Mistress love.
Removed veil revealed.
Perfection remembered and never forgotten.

The harmony of the dance.
The amorous emotions of being alive known.
Treasured memories and places dear artist.

Leo met her often at the Tavern. One day she quit coming. He researched her and he learned. She was locked-up in a Mexico city prison. He had painted many paintings for the Judges and law enforcers in the city. He had painted their wives and their children. He would do something he didn’t want to do. Make a deal with them. He knew if he didn’t get Paloma out of the prison. She would die. He went to the head police officer. Senor Lopez. He requested a meeting. Senor Lopez met him and he asked to have Paloma freed from prison. Senor Lopez told him. I want all your painting in your studio and one more. Paint me now! Leo painted him with skill and perfection. He made the officer look honorable and powerful. Senor Lopez told him. Many want her dead. Paloma must leave Mexico city and Mexico ASAP or she will be killed. A large bounty on her head. Leo had his car and he went to Paloma hotel. He gathered all her belonging and he took his few items he held important. Everything was packed and ready for a quick escape from the city. Senor Lopez met them at midnight at the prison and he told him. Leave the city now and I will report her escape in the morning. You will be hunted and killed with her my friend. Paloma was brought out by the guards. She had bruises on her arms and her neck. She didn’t raise her face-up to face to the guards.  Was a deadly silence in the car till Mexico City was in the far-distance.

Paloma looked-up and she begin to cry. Leo stopped the car and he held her. He told her. You will be okay honey. We will leave Mexico and we will never look back.  Paloma looked at him and she asked. You risked everything for me dear Painter. Why? He smiled and he told her. You made me feel weak and hopeless. Today I feel wise and strong. Your words spoken in the Tavern made me want to be brave for a second. She looked in the back-seat and she told him. Thank you dear Leo for saving me and my work. What do I owe you? He smiled and he told her. I want a forever friend and the knowing. I saved a beautiful and wonderful woman. She asked him. Where do we go now? We go to Teja, Honduras. A place for the poets, painters and the singers. We will fade away on the Honduras coastline and be forgotten. Leo had many friends. They  escaped into Belize and they found a safe passage into Honduras.

Leo took Paloma to the Teja Doctor Lawrence. Doctor Lawrence told her. A lot of bruising and no internal bleeding. You will be okay my new friend. He gave her some codeine for the pain and some penicillin for the healing. He gave her a bag of rosemary tea and he told her. You must rest and relax dear Paloma.  Here in Teja, us people wanting to play hide and see. Can. You and Leo will be my guest for as long as you need. My home is your home. In five days. Trujillo is having a large festival. You and Leo will be my guest. Now Paloma, take a long bath. My nurse Liliam will add some plants and herbs to the warm water. Make you body heal and become strong. Dear Paloma. You are a brave lady. It is time to be less brave and gather your heart and mind again. You saw hell, you need to find some kind of peace.

Johnnie sat in the back seat with Paloma on the way to Trujillo. Leo and Lawrence. They talked and talked. Johnnie knew her and her work. He visited her daily, brought fresh fruit and tasty meat to eat. She ate little and he sat with her. Holding her hands and caressing her face. She spoke little. She asked his name on the second day. He told her. Johnnie, just a helper of Lawrence. He saved my life often. Paloma looked better.  The herbal baths and the rosemary tea healed her quickly. Dr. Lawrence told her. You are a strong lady and please stay strong. Paloma looked at the Honduras coastline and she begin to cry. Johnnie brought her near and he whispered. Release the tears and the pain. You had lived and you can fight another day. Life is hard and life will become harder. He loved her from the first moment he saw her. Her face was gentle and her eyes filled with anger. She was a Spain lady. Tall, long-legged and beautiful. Paloma asked Leo. What is my payment for you saving my life. Leo smiled and he told her. I want to paint you. All my old painting were traded away for a Spanish goddess. She smiled and she asked. Clothed or nude. Leo told her both.

They arrived in Trujillo and the party had begun already.  Lawrence told them. We will stay at the American Hotel. You have single rooms and I ensured you have the clothing of Trujillo for you. We will become part of the city and the heritage tonight.  Paloma found a sleeveless blouse and a cotton dress of many colors on the bed. She looked down and she loved the sandals of Trujillo. They reminded her of Spain. Johnnie and Leo had shirts with too many less buttons and cotton pants.  Johnnie laughed at the appearance in the mirror. His hairless chest showing like a tango dancer and pants like a sheep herder.  Paloma stood in front of the mirror. She was herself already. The five days in Teja was needed. She had deep thoughts and she knew. Her fight had just begun for equal rights and stopping violence. She liked the image in the mirror. She felt sexy and beautiful.

Johnnie saw Paloma come out of her room and he ran to her. Almost falling down. Paloma caught him and she whispered. Are you in lust or in love? He told her. Both my Spanish beauty. Tonight we dance, drink and sing. Forget the past and celebrate the beginnings. She looked sad and she asked. I’m beaten and sad dear Johnnie. I thank you for the care and the silence in Teja. Do you really love me? He smiled and he kissed her bare shoulders and her lips many times. He whispered. You are my first wish to the stars and last wish to the evening stars dear Paloma.


John Castellenas/Coyote