Be YOu!!!

Please read and enjoy the work of a talented writer.

Tales of a Curious mind

Be you -the world will adjust “


Hello bloggren!!! 
You remember those small notes I mentioned to keep sliding in.. 
Well here goes another 
Today we are waging war against everything that has set out to change our identify. 
Here at tales of a curious mind we believe our differences make us beautiful. We believe in diversity. 
This small piece is just about that.. 
Here goes!!


She is a book
One whose pages we have folded to our liking
Pluck out 
Shaping it to fit the readers mind
-all to publish the perfect piece
Afraid to identify with the flaws;
We have cropped out the scars at the center 
Erased the dirty marks on her cover
-Let there be light-
The brown tattered rags now a shimmering white
Our Cover Girl!! 
She is an open book misjudged by her cover
An impostor!! 
She is no Angel 

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