Thirty Thousand Kids Die

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Taking The Long Way

Thirty Thousand kids,

Every night

Starving, crying,


While you slept.

Doesn’t it anger you, knowing

We have food abundance today.

It’s rotting in the fields,

Being tossed out by grocers,

Wasted by the power elite, by business owners,

Withheld by power hungry money wielders.

Doesn’t it boil your blood knowing,

There is food abundance around us,

But going hungry is normalized?

What we do,

What you do,

It’s not enough.


There is no excuse.

A baby born today will witness

New York under water in their lifetime.

Will the West Coast be gone too?

Can we prepare for it accordingly?

Do you even care?

A housing crisis, again

It’s not affordable

For the working class.

For folks who pay the most just

To be.

For folks that struggle

Without options.

For folks hitting brick walls,

Lacking opportunity.

Doesn’t it anger you when you hear,

“give them free blankets.”

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