The Addicts Don’t Disgust Me; Humanity Does

Please read and enjoy the work of a talened writer.

Bruised But Not Broken

Even the heathens used to suck on their mamas titty..

There was a time the addicts cried for milk and that was enough..

Those babies grew with Love in their hearts and still the world beat them down..

People, beat them down.

I’ve watched everyone i’ve ever loved reach out for comfort. I’ve watched them all reach for a damn fix too.

But I don’t get mad.

You know why I don’t get mad?

Because the baby crying for a bottle still hides inside.

Because those babies grew into children, suffered at the hands of men claiming to be human and they’ve been gagging on trauma ever since.

But no one’s there to pat their backs.. Couldn’t soothe the colic, can’t help heave the vomit.

There is no support system.

Just little girls hiding behind big tits and long eyelashes, painting smiles onto their faces, as if foundation hides the…

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