I am Ocean

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Extraordinary Sunshine Weaver

I am Ocean,

Scarlet shadows,

Waves of vibrant

Silken purple,

Breaking in the storm.

No horizon;

Sea is sky.


Sailor, find me.

Feel my sweeping,

Churning turmoil.

Find my turquoise

Silence pulsing

Black to violet,

Subdued in fever.


Sailor, find me,

This is treasure:

Sunken rainbows,

Gold untarnished,

Jewels like coral.

Capture my bounty;

Dread my mystery.


I am Ocean.

Feel me trembling.

Taste me salty.

Sailor, find me.

This is We.

Copyright © 2017 Barbara Harris Leonhard

Image: https://wallpaperstock.net/blue-ocean-waves_wallpapers_36921_2560x1600_1.html

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