The Wild Weeping Willow

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© The Secret Poetess

Hidden under branches carpeting the ground,

I’ve heard it tell that Willows can hear a silent sound.

Resonance & harmony decipher whispering leaves…

The wild Weeping Willow silently grieves.

As the lake beyond turns ashen in the blackest night,

The leaves of the wild Willow turn to silvery delight.

The Moon draws down to see how they glisten in her beams.

The wild Weeping Willow, silently screams.

The melancholic Willow, wild with wondrous love.

Seeking out the water, the wind from up above.

Letting go and bending as the air beneath blows through.

The wild Weeping Willow, silently true.

© The Secret Poetess, June 2017

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