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Life Is A Piano

Tune in to the rhythm of the times

the tides dancing and chirping birds sublime

Life’s piano keys are overused

and yet can create tones out of the forgotten notes.

The sounds left me breathless

sinking in this world of endless madness

The high pitch often startles me out of the blue

while the low tone leaves a footprint of a different hue.

I look up to the heaven’s above

while the music of my heart

is carried by the blowing wind

an overwhelming, calming presence on me reigned.

The piano music filled the tranquil air anew

my thoughts goes out to you casts in a lighted avenue

her angelic voice still lingers in my peaceful serenity

singing in tune with each tempo and melody.

© Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

 Excerpt from the book “Poetic Melodies”

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