“The pureness of our reflections”

The pureness of our reflections

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Just words


The pureness of our reflection

Once we had the moon, the sun and the free road.
You were my footprints into wild waters and secret places upon mountain where the clouds danced with us.

Together we fell into the carousel of wild sea.
Suicide boarding the California Winter storm than healing body and soul together in deep thoughts and tender embrace into deep nights.

We invented new places and journies. Free-climbing high into private hills and mountains. I remember you dancing nude by the secret waterfalls. You blessed my vision and the sun.

Today you have become my moon, my sun and my wild rivers in my words.
The pureness of our reflection take me to you in sweet dreams.

I remember your short t-sheets and your commands for long massages.
You were my perfect beauty who sang songs of love to me by the Monterey sea.
I have ascended to old age and I still whisper your name in the quiet of the night.

I love you Gail. I hope you are safe and still seeking the beauty of this world.

John Castellenas/Coyote