Sometimes, the only comfort is darkness…

Please read and enjoy the work of a talented writer.

Lupa Poeta

Come Dark Night

Come dark night,
drape me in your velvet cloak,
the brush of your coattails whispering
against my naked calves,
the caress of your fingertips trailing
along the nape of my neck.

Come dark night,
save me from the fires of dawn,
let your primordial soul engulf me
and carry my wild spirit
far beyond the civilities of mankind
and into the bosom of your lush hinterland.

Come dark night,
only you can mask my vices,
only you can offer me solace,
only you swallow my truths look me in the eyes,
only you will court my terrors,
only you will quell my panic.

Come dark night,
my god and my lover,
my nourishment in famine,
my hearth when I am destitute,
my heart when the henchmen of life
have ripped it from my breast.

Come dark night,
wrap me in your velvet cloak,
the brush of your…

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