Two short poems.

Beautiful summer.
Sweet summer.
With you near.
I’m loving  your kind and gentle face.
Your smile is calming my soul and heart.

I want you near.
Being in your embrace and knowing the taste of your sweet kiss.
Make me yearn to dream and know hope again.

You are my sweet and tender lover.
You are my beautiful summer.

The long days of summer.
Sheltered and protects us, by the gift of the warmth of the summer sun.
Love is sweet and kind.

I have found you and I know the glory of a beautiful love.



Your words made me live again.
I was lost in self-pity.
You wrote me. I love and need you near.
You made me come alive again and now I have hope and new dreams.
I remember you, my beautiful Julie.
You made me feel strong and important.
You taught me.
All dreams can be reached.
You have saved me and I will find you once again.
Fall into your arms and be graceful.
For a sweet woman who offered me the gift of love.