The Day Love left the Building

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Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled


It cried inside itself,
some say it slept,
but I was for certain,
the ways it’d been pierced,
so often,
it bled too death.
Drowning in its half of sorrow,
by missing puzzle pieces,
the vandalizing of it’s cathedral,
with constant teasing,
toying of its emotions,
as it watched displeased,
of the unreasonable.
For it was non refundable in returns,
and to vicious repeats,
for what it gave,
so openly,
and every drop it had,
was measured,
so deeply.
It’s hope whizzled away,
as it moped,
still dreaming of a romantic capture,
by a fated chance meeting,
before it’s escape,
of more disasters, it sought,
peace alone off in
a pasture.
Yet before drawing it’s present conclusion,
As others became more,
of its confusion,
The heart weighed all pros and cons that lead,
in loving Love’s intrusion.
Its already mended repetitively, jumped hurdles, been lost and blind, paying the cost,

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