Amazing artwork and words. Thank you dear Poet for sharing the amazing poetry.



You came, your hands held me.

In love or fear, I kiss your hand.

Love, you came to destroy me.

My knees tremble, come and destroy.

You eat the fruit and fling it away.

You bite my heart! Blest the wound your teeth make!

You want me all, you possess all, but you possess nothing.

You leave nothing but ruins.

Tomorrow you caress me, but you kill me.

Even as I kiss it, I await the mortal stroke of your hand.

Kill me! Strike! In doing me evil, you’ll do me good.

You deliver me, destroyer.

Every blow that makes me bleed, breaks a bond.

You tear the chains with the flesh.

You break the prison of my body, murderer;

And through the breach my life escapes.

I am the broken soil which nourish the grain-

Of the sorrow that you sowed.

Sow the sacred sorrow! May the sorrow of…

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