Fallen verbs

Please read and enjoy the work of a talented writer.



Can I swim naked in your mind ,till I drown in the cascading terraces of your thighs,mixed up in juicy tentalments with pleasurable scales…? Can I??
I just want to be your late night thoughts
That crawl in your mind and settles on your bosom,
The ones that make you sigh with your hands between your thighs,
I could tiptoe my fingers on your cotton skin if you let me,
Till I perch on your wild adventures,
Am just a night owl
Craving to explore your wilderness.

I want to leave some poetry on your skin,
Fused with my  warmth
And deeply planted on your lips,
So that every time I’ll be  checking for palindromes on you,
I won’t miss the metaphors that keep running down from your gazes,
I just wanna touch you the way you crave for ocean breeze to ripple through your body
Leaving behind traces of…

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