A Soldier Quote #1-6

Powerful and worthwhile thoughts by a talented writer.


#1. A soldier doesn’t fight because he hates what is front of him.. He fights because loves what he left behind him or her….

#2. That’s why we must have the good old american pride and support for our military men and women in uniforms so they’ll always make it back alive to us….

#3. Until then we are Military Strong~Military Strong….We fight~We fight and Conquer and carry on live on throughout the live long the day’s until our feet hit the sands of the USA….. Hoorah~Hoorah because we made it another day…..

#4. Our military men and women wipes their brows with sweat, tears and blood and dusty air as they pray they’ll make it out alive one more day, one more minute, one more brother parishes away until we meet again in the Holy land one day….

#5. Our military uniform is one we proudly earned one we…

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