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A poet

“Is a foolish endeavor

That fulfills idealistic whims,” she said to the Sage


The poet

Gifted with the eyes

To see beyond

The planes of earthy mist and logic

Sees the music and the awe

Cascading down from the cliffs

And into the hands of the poet

Unfolding into melodic verses

Containing wisdom and reflections

Felt within the passing breezes

But unheard

Through the eyes of the poet

You escape

Into the dawn of reverie

Drinking in the wisdom

You may have missed

From life’s fragmented world

You see, child

A poet is not

On a fool’s errand

The poet

Gifted with the eyes that see

Beyond the mists

Are rays of light that touch the hearts of all

Who shall truly listen


The poet

Is one of life’s greatest assets

A bringer of endless beauty

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