My lovely Beatrice

My lovely Beatrice. My muse by the sea.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

              My lovely Beatrice. My muse by the sea.

Beautiful California for us to behold.

Enter a love for the ages with just one sweet kiss.

A angel with broken wings held me close and

the night and the ocean sang a sweet song for us.

Run from the rules she whispered and freedom is the last dream.

I brought her close and inhaled her perfume with my face in her hair.

Come back here in a year my love she whispered.

Enjoy today my sweet love, for tomorrow we will wish for tonight.

Beautiful Beatrice promise me nothing but a chance to love for a moment and a gift of paradise.

Be not afraid she whispered and gave me long and sweet  kisses.

Expect dreams to make you cry and later in life. Make you smile.

A moment of perfect love in paradise is better than wishes.

The journey of life is hard and long my love.

Remember we danced on a beach and drink sweet wine.

I will whisper your name in sweet dreams and I hope you shall.

Come closer my love she whispered.

Enter into my soul with sweet words of love.

The night was quiet.

Two lovers with roads separating their hearts in the morning. Held each other till the sky turn to blue.