On cloudy days Light a candle,

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“Light A Candle.
Some days are cloudy.
The sun simply refuses to shine.
You feel it’s never going to shine again.

But our feelings don’t always tell the truth.
They are not always reality.
Often feelings play tricks on you.
Most often life ignores them,
And is what it was meant to be.
The sun was made to shine.
Cloudy days weren’t meant to last,
But to be a bed
For the sun to rest in occasionally.

Things will be fine again
When it’s time for them to be.
Play in the sunshine when it is shining.
On cloudy days
Light a candle,
And wait in peace
For life’s infallible promise.

All light lightens the soul.”

~ Nancy Sims

Artist~Victor Nizovtse
Text & image source: Remember ღ Once upon a Time?
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