Conversationally Speaking

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RamJet Poetry

conversationallyspeakingFear is so real when on your knees

the black voice of your mental affliction


a softer corruption’s race against time

power immaculate and strangely sinister

tonight rinse the touch

rot is contagious, inner pain

contagion of strength borne by walking saviour

eyes staring dead with blank visions

of lust

princess sleeps her dream

actuality slips under spell

comfort taken from 4 pounds of steel

murder dancing into your world

if you would like to die

here is the lesson plan: it’s so easy

just one simple step

Why can love not be as elementary?

face coloured whetstone

teardrop sandstorm

minutes are hours and never is it all good

green earthen fires rip the pages of your story

to shatter truth leaving only the beginning

crystal splinters piercing skull

tides of pestilence flooding mind

worth of the leper subsiding

pleasure found without meat for the predators

greed is prevalent…

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