The Poet’s love-Life, death and the good wine. Part four.

The Poet’s love life, death and the good wine

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


A new chapter


                  The Poet’s love-life, death and the good wine

The four good friends sat near the Trijillo bay.

Lawrence told them. Trijillo was touched by God. The bay and the gentle people. A blessing for the few to had known her. I’m glad we are together once again. Even with old age and sickness. Johnnie came to die and find his Poet’s love. Paloma. Paloma smiled and she laughed at the words. Dear Lawrence. Johnnie wanted war and travel. I was just a memory. Leo touched Paloma face and he whispered. John would kill and die for you. Remember the second time in Mexico. I told you stay away from Mexico. They hate people who tell the truth. You forgot when me and Johnnie saved your legs and arms from being on the four corners of Mexico.

Paloma caressed Johnnie legs and she said. I remember those days Leo. I was praying for death and you and Johnnie were almost killed because of me. Johnnie wandered back in thoughts to the days of the war. His deployment  was ending in Iraq and he received a letter from Leo. He told him. Paloma is in Mexico. She is hiding out in the church in Mexico city. He went to Mexico and met his friends. Leo/Lawrence had gathered 20,000 dollars to attempt to save her. Johnnie and Leo went into a gun and knife shop in Mexico city. You pay with cash and no questions are asked. He bought a set of assassins knife and a  45 automatic pistol. Leo asked him. Are we here to kill or help? He told him. Bad people know only bad ways. If Paloma is in trouble. Can fight or run?  Leo bought a 22 pistol and some ammo. Paloma was being hidden in the basement of the Basilica of our Lady of Guadulupe church. Leo’s old friend and fellow painter Roberto took her to the church in secret. He found her beaten and alone in a abandon building. The Mexican drug lords had put a bounty on her of 10,000 dollars. Dead or alive. She was captured and she escaped.

Johnnie remembers the church was being watched. He counted 10 men. He told Leo in the car. Go three block north. If I don’t bring Paloma to you in four hours. We are not returning. One by one. He took-out the men. He didn’t kill none yet. Seven men were silenced with tape and rope. He went into the church and the painter Roberto ran to him. He told him. We have 10 minutes. The morning prayer is almost over. Paloma is dressed in clothing of an old woman and you must change too. He put on some white pant and shirt. He put on a white hat. Was enough to cover his white face. Roberto took him to Paloma. She ran to him and she begin to cry. He remembered her this day every day of his life. He remember how the hate and anger took over his mind. Her face bruise and barely could walk. She whispered to him. Johnnie, you were right. Can’t save this world. The worlds don’t want to be saved. He whispered. Silence dear Paloma. You must walk strongly and fast. We have three blocks to where Leo is parked. The Mass ended. He and Paloma joined the people wandering out the church. Paloma held on to him tightly. They were not notice leaving the church. 300 morning people seeking the Sunday blessing gave them an easy first step. He notice the men guarding the church were nervous. They looked at every face they could. They escape the attention of the guards and they begin to walk to Leo’s car. At a distance. He saw two men had Leo against a wall. He told Paloma. Go hide in the doorway and I will call you to come.  He slowly walked toward the two men. He had the cat assassin knife. A five blade knife and the 45 automatic ready. The men were too busy hitting Leo and asking questions. One of the men turned around and the 45 was at his head. He pounded his head with the gun and the man fell. He stomped his face and neck. The cat knife was at the other man throat as he turned around. He called to Paloma to come and he told Leo. Get in the damn car. He told Leo. Go now and I see you soon my friend. Leo knew Johnnie had no choose. Paloma kissed him and she left with Leo. He watched them drive away. The Mexican man was telling him. He was dead, you are dead. He turned to the man. Kicked him in the groin area and knee caps. He stomped his neck and face. He left two dead bleeding men.

Paloma awoke him and she told him. I’m sorry Johnnie. I made you do bad things. You are my savior and my sweet love. He smiled and he told her. You are the Poet’s love. I would live and die to ensure you were okay. Me and Leo. Last super heroes for a Spanish beauty. Lawrence told them. Enough of the talk of the old days. Today I have good news. My friend Elena is here. A healer from the deep mountains. She brought some Acronychia baueri, Atropa belladonna Deadly Nightshade and many more. She cured Leo and he offered to marry her even. She told Leo, he was too old. She liked the young men. Elena showed-up. A pretty Honduras woman around forty years old. She touched Johnnie’s face and she said. I can save you. Only the good die young and you are not young no-more. Lawrence told them. Tonight will begin the herbal treatment and now we will drink the good Honduras wine, forget death and celebrate life. Tonight we welcome our new friend Elena and we will pray for good weather and long life.

John Castellenas/Coyote



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