The Scent of Rain

Please read and enjoy the work of a talented writer.


A whispering of trees stirred by a sudden breeze
Sharp falls the rain in downpour made steady
By the rumbling of the storm that lifts my spirits, makes me warm.
Sit back and watch waiting for the lightning flash
To split the sky soon to be followed by thunders rumbling clash,
Only does the rain so fall and thunder calls from Valhallas halls
The voices of the Gods does sound amused
I fear their anger, quake in my shoes
Yet this storm is mellow and pleasant relief
From this world of strange belief
The inks, the pens call as one, to put down words before the storm is done,
The sky it brightens, the rain it slows, the heavens fall quiet, the sun it shows

I see the sky turn to blue
As the morning storm now bids adieu
Once parch soil now refreshed
The air sweeter, cooler, fresh

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