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lavender lilies

At the end of a summers night

the daffodils and the lady bugs tuck in

their babes to sweet clouds of salted mist.

From the shore the sirens wave

across the cerulean lagoon, to the sea grass

and anemones braided in the blue.

In ribbons of violet and crimson,

the sky lifts the ashes from the earth,

and compose through crystalline dust,

a symphony of effulgent stars.

In uniform, each light dims

along the coastline. All three states of matter

touch at the shore, and blend into the universe.

The portraits of young doves hang over the

sand, in the gallery of summer love. The depth of

the sea echoes back the flounders lullabies.

Sweet songs in the night, I am forever yours.

A prisoner of the deep blue.

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