For Heather Heyer-The world is crying

For Heather Heyer

The world is crying

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


I found this poem in a old book. It is 36 years old. I added some new lines today for Heather Heyers.


             The world is crying

The world is crying.
Like a forgotten child.

Crying for all the sadness surrounding
every soul on this planet.

My world seem to have forgotten the
dream of peace, concern and kindness.

Few are standing for equality/fairness and peace.

Where all nations/all people can live in harmony.

Where upon all human beings could  learn to cherish
all living life.

But the goal of peace and calm are forgotten.
Men of violence control the emotion of the world.

Trying to create hate and separation.

The day is here.
Where we cannot be over taken by fear  of ghosts /liars and naysayers.
Now we must turn to tears, prayers and standing as one for love, concern and kindness.

Where are the men of peace? Our children must stand for the old dreams. Where person had equal chance, every person is treated the same. Don’t rate a person because of the  color of their skin.

Heather Heyers stood with college kids and people in Charlotteville. One world and one people. They didn’t accept the disease of hate. Time to organize a USA demonstrations, a world demonstrations for Unity, equality and concern/kindness. Need a billion people to stand as one. No-more hate. No-more killing. One earth and one people. We must get along.

Heather Heyer was murdered for standing with college kids and people wanting to show our world. USA hadn’t forgotten the dreams of equal rights and standing for the right things.

7 April 1980/John Castellenas 2017