Poetry by Broken english- Bison Heart

Bison heart

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A Poem by Broken english

In hot afternoon west sun

Young man went for hunt
Prairie is open and windy
Sweating on the skin
Eyes are sharp and focus
Bows are tight for right tension
Arrows are sharp to kill
In long distance of twisting dust
They can see moving black animals
Bison are back bison are angry
For last years
When white hunters kill them for they tongues and leathers
Corpse let rotten
For the vulture and coyote
Open field from east to west
Sad picture of sad deeds
Sharp bullets and smell of gunpowder smoke
This is not fair this is not honor
This not one warrior with tomahawk
This is end in ends
Siouxe tribe after winter hunger
Mother need meat and fat to feed own children
Boys need to became stronger
Blue coats will be back
With order of kill and death
End up in prison camp
Like this bison they are angry
Like this bison they don’t want to lose
Like this bison they have brave hearts
Into canyon where you cannot heard sound
Now they come in
Cover in golden dust
Only strong ones can make it
Young man shoot arrows into hearts
There is weak spots
Easy to be put down
Great nose into dusty ground
Over 20 give up
Rest get over it
Running like living revenge
Forward white towns
Smash them into ground
Hope is free and hope is what you make it
Young man honor
This brave animals to eat hearts
Still beating fresh hot blood juice
Over lips
Over necks
Over chest
Over belly
Over feet
Over ground
Canyon looks like great blood bath
Women with man work hard
Time to cut bad from good
Time to take what you can could
Mustangs are slowly with heavy loads
Man caring bison heads
Put them on the top
Where they live
Sing songs for great spirit
Dance dances for great tribes
Holding hands to feel community on live
That’s why they are Sioux
Not man living inside square
Not drink drinks to forget
Not to cheat on own wife
Not to kill for own pride
Not to stole lands from others mans
This is  not for what they stand
Circle is power of great universe
Make love over fire flames
Craved totems of tribe animal
Gathering to create peace
Play games inside tipi
Joy is in it like blood in heart
Wedding is begin
Birth is opening of new tale
Hands skills to keep creativity on life
In rivers wash plates and clothes
Children and wild horse
Tension in between this two groups
Became intense
Became cruel
Became deathly
Became torture
So many families in wagons
Were kill and children take in into tribe
There was slavery on both sides
Revenge by blue coats
They attack and kill
Burn camp into ashes
There was not will to make peace
Just take all
Take lives and lands
Torturing became something else
Is was not anymore
To became brave
But to hurt and to destroy
Unity went away
Bison hearts still beating
But who can hear them
In noise of revolvers and cannons
Scream of mothers on both sides
Killing fathers and sons
Killing spirits in great run

© 2017 Broken english