BEAUTIFUL POEMS: “Wood notes” Pastoral interlude by Arthur Symons (from “Days and Nights”)

Please read and enjoy the work of a talented writer.



Come into the close shadow of the wood.

Here is cool quiet born of solitude,

Cool leafy caverns, murmurous as the sea’s,

when a breath blows across them. Here are these

lone alleys to the fitting footfalls known

of nymphs that haunt the silences alone;

divinest leisure, large as heaven or morn;

deep thoughtfulness of all ages born

whose shadows slumber in the central shade;

quiet delight; a pensive pleasure made

by that sweet sense of slumber that still leaves

a far-off air about the vacant leaves

an air of some palace walls that seem

to rise and sway in a remembered dream.

By Arthur Symons

from “Days and Nights”


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